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Post-doc position available!

Zaktualizowano: 15 cze 2022

We are looking for a post-doc to join our Hematopoietic Stem Cells And Their Niche group to take part in the new Sonata project.

We have recently found that cobalt protophorphiryn IX (CoPP) strongly induces endogenous expression of G-CSF (A. Szade et al. EMBO Mol Med 2019). The aim of this project is to identify cells and transcription factors that lead to the production of G-CSF and other mobilizing factors. Our long-term goal is to identify molecular and cellular mechanisms driving the response to hematopoietic stress and expression of mobilizing cytokines.

The project involves generation of transgenic mice, single-cell RNA sequencing, imaging and a lot of multiparameter flow cytometry :)

Ideal candidate has:

· a PhD in Life Sciences (according to the new NCN rules – must be awarded by the institution other than Jagiellonian University)

· experience with mouse work

· a strong background in cellular biology and immunology

· the ability to organize, plan and document experimental bench-work

· excellent technical skills

· very good English skills

Highly appreciated experience with:

· advanced state-of-the art flow cytometry

· next-generation sequencing analysis including RNA and DNA seq and similar assays as well as bioinformatics analysis and computational modeling based on such data

· molecular analysis of small cell numbers, including single cell analysis

We offer the possibility to work in an international, open-minded team, participation in seminars/conferences and the NCN post-doc salary.

For more details please visit or contact us at

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