We work at the Department of Medical Biotechnology, at the Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology of the Jagiellonian University. 

Animal facility. Animal facility (SPF regime; up to 8000 mice in individually ventilated cages) is certified for maintaining and breeding the transgenic and immunodeficient mice. We also have an access to biobank at the Faculty allowing for cryopreservation of embryos and sperm. The Facility fulfills all statutory requirements for animal experiments and we are prepared to generate new transgenic animals.

Microsurgery rooms are equipped with micromanipulator (Eppendorf) for prezygotic or blastocyst microinjections, anesthesia stations, surgical microscopes, recovery chambers for animals, biochemical analyzer (Arkay), and hematological analyzer (Horiba ABX).

In-vivo imaging room is equipped with VEVO2100 (VisualSonics), IVIS Lumina system (Caliper), Laser Doppler systems (Periscan), and microCT Imaging system (MILabs).

Cell culture labs. Cell culture rooms (biosafety level 2) are prepared for isolation, characterization and culture of primary cells, as well as for plasmid and viral vector production and application. Labs are equipped with biosafety laminar hoods, incubators, hypoxia chamber glow-box (Coy Laboratory Products), cell counter Muse (Merck), centrifuges, microscopes etc.

Flow cytometry analyses. We have flow cytometry lab for personal use of our group which is equipped with flow cytometer LSR Fortessa (4 lasers, BD), cell sorter MoFlo XDP (3 lasers, Beckman Coulter), and Image Stream System (3 lasers, Amnis). We also have an access to AutoMACS Pro-Separator (Miltenyi Biotec).

Confocal microscopy. We have access to fluorescent and confocal microscopes, e.g., Leica TCS SP5 II SMD confocal system integrated with FCS/FLIM TCSPC module and Zeiss Axio Imager 2 with Revolution DSD2 (spinning disk confocal). 

Histology lab. Histology lab is equipped with tissue processor, tissues stainer, tissue embedding system, microtome, cryostats, and laser capture microdissection system (Leica).

General equipment (selected): PCR thermocyclers ProFlex PCR System, real-time PCR StepOnePlus systems, automated system for DNA/RNA electrophoresis, 2100 Bioanalyzer, FlexMaP3D multiplexing platform, microplate readers, NanoDrop spectrophotometers etc. 

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