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What HO-1 does to HSC (and what it does not do)

Zaktualizowano: 6 paź 2021

Our latest review on the role of HO-1 in hematopoiesis was recently published in Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences.

In this review we focus on the role of HO-1 in HSC function and the most important constituents of HSC niche – mesenchymal stromal cells and endothelial cells. We also describe the role of HO-1 in the immune response and mobilization of cells from the bone marrow to the blood, and we briefly discuss the issue of HO-1-independent effects of commonly used HO-1 modulators.

Szade A, Szade K, Mahdi M, Józkowicz A. The role of heme oxygenase-1 in hematopoietic system and its microenvironment. Cell Mol Life Sci. 2021 Mar 31

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