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PNAS published our work about Neo-1 on HSCs

Zaktualizowano: 3 gru 2019

We published in PNAS our work demonstrating that Neogenin-1 (Neo-1) marks myeloid-biased fraction of Hoxb5+ hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) in mouse.

The Neo-1+Hoxb5+HSCs expanded with age, but provided limited reconstitution of secondary recipients. In contrast, Neo-1-Hoxb5+ HSCs subpopulation represents balanced, long-term reconstituting fraction of stem cells.

Importantly the Neo-1- fraction gives rise to Neo-1+ HSC, but the opposite situation is rare.

Our work shows unknown layer of HSCs heterogeneity and allows for advanced and

prospective studies of HSCs .

This study was done during Krzysiek and Monika training in Irv Weissman laboratory.

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