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We are recruiting!

Aktualizacja: 20 paź 2019

As our fascinating projects are progressing and the new projects are starting we are looking for the new team members.

Monika Jakubowska is recruiting a PhD student to join an interdisciplinary research project on pancreatic cancer. PhD student is offered a 12-month (funded) position in a young and dynamic research group. The project, starting from Jan 2020, will investigate interactions between cancer cell and stromal cell in situ in a pancreatic cancer microenvironment.

Agata Szade is looking for talented BS/MS students to join the Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Their Niche group. Ideal candidate is a science passionate, hardworking and likes to learn new things. Basic programming skills highly appreciated :) The group is international, fluent English is a must!

For further details please contact us!

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