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Our current grants

Heterogeneity and mechanisms of regeneration of endothelial cells in the bone marrow niche.

Diamond Grant, Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Monika Gońka (to be completed in 2022).

Hematopoietic stem cells support the production of blood cells thought whole our life. Those cells for proper functioning require a specialized tissue microenvironment, called the bone marrow niche. The blood vessels are a crucial component of the hematopoietic stem cell niche, however they became affected in stress conditions, such as conditioning proceeding bone marrow transplantation. Therefore characterization of the process of bone marrow vascularity regeneration has important clinical implications, and current knowledge on those mechanisms is limited. The aim of the project is to characterize the mechanisms that drive the regeneration of the vascular system in the bone-marrow niche after injury. Our goal is to verify whether this process is restricted to one population of progenitor endothelial cells or the majority of cells activate, proliferate, and regenerate the vascularity. We want to determine the regenerative potential of different endothelial cell subsets after irradiation and mobilization. This research strategy will help in understanding the biological functions of endothelial cells in the bone marrow niche and hopefully will contribute to the development of new clinical strategies in future studies.

Projekt finansowany przez Ministerstwo Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego w ramach IX edycji konkursu

programu „Diamentowy Grant” 2020. Na realizację projektu przyznano środki finansowe w wysokości 220 000 zł.

Konkurs adresowany dla osób wybitnie uzdolnionych prowadzących zaawansowane badania naukowe.

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